Affiliate Disclaimer

Fanglow is a collection of fandom-related goods curated from around the web. All of the links on this site are affiliate links. this means if you click a product link, it will take you to a trusted retailer like Amazon or ThinkGeek, and if you buy something there I will receive a small commission.

I’m a freelance web designer, and I curate this site as a hobby. My goal is to make sure everyone can find interesting fandom gifts all in one place, and I do NOT include any products or companies that, to my knowledge:

  • Are widely reviewed as poor quality, not-as-advertised, or otherwise unsatisfying.
  • Use an artist’s work without paying them, or engage in any other shady behavior.
  • Do not want their products to be listed on this site.

Please contact me to report any problems or concerns! I’m happy to remove a product from the store or link it to a different location at your request.